As a dog owner, one of the most difficult parts is not being able to communicate with your pet. Whether it's about the vet, or you going on vacation, sometimes you just want to talk to your dog about what's going on.

When my dog looks at me for a walk when it's too hot out it kills me I can't say, "Girl, it's too hot out." So how do you know when it's too hot? Vets say: if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pet.

If you didn't know, pets can be subject to heat stroke too. Here's some things to remember during the Summer to keep your dog safe according to WTVO -

  • If you wouldn’t leave your baby in the car, you shouldn't leave your pet in the car.
  • If your pet likes to be outside in the heat, you have to restrict their time to make sure they don’t get sick or exhausted.
  • Be vigilant and observe your dog’s behavior - If they are panting and looking very stressed and continuing to pant, and not able to calm down, you can touch their body, touch their gums, their mouth, their tongue. If it feels drier and it feels warm, then they’re probably starting into heat stroke
  • Cool them down with cold water on the head or a cold rag.
  • If you can’t touch pavement for seven seconds, it’s too hot for your dog.

Every dog is different, so it's always important to pay extra attention to how your dog acts in the heat.

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