Has living in Illinois got you down?

Do you have to explain to others why you live here?

Do you wonder where on the scale of happiness Illinois lands?


Wallet Hub recently relased their list of the happiest states in the US.

Unfotunately, Illinois did not land in the top ten of the list.

However, our neighbors to the north, Wisconsin, landed at #9 and Iowa to the east of us landed at #8.

What's most surprising is the state that got top honors as the happiest.

Are you ready for it?

Minnesota! I know right?

Now the big question is, where do we land on the map of happiness?

Well, Illinois is in the middle of the pack finding a home at #20 on the happiness scale of states. I guess that's not too bad. ??

WalletHub’s  based their  rankings of state happiness by drawing upon "the findings of “happiness” research to determine which environmental factors are linked to a person’s overall well-being and satisfaction with life. Previous studies have found that good economic, emotional, physical and social health are all key to a well-balanced and fulfilled life."

To see the findings click here.

Source: WalletHub


Honestly, being in the middle of the pack of happy is better than being on the bottom like West Virginia. Yikes they are #50. Yeah I'm glad we aren't that guy.

Kind of funny when that state's slogan is "West Virginia, Wild and Wonderful".

Hmmm... I think they're pulling our leg with that one.



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