Look what was piled up on the side of the road in Kirkland last Friday. If only someone had a giant grill near by.

Someone was  'hamming' it up (or upside down) in Kirkland. At 6:30 am on Friday, a semi-truck overturned at Rt 72 and Malta Road, and out came the pork! The accident also caused some Kirkland residents to lose power for several hours on Friday morning.

Kirkland Fire Department

A truck carrying pork products didn't navigate the curve on 72 west of town and dumped over and dumped the pork all over the south side of 72 at Malta Road.

Kirkland City Clerk Terry D'Amato says this portion of the roadway is dangerous. There is a ComEd power line located near the curve.

At least twice a year someone takes that curve too fast and wipes out the pole and we have no power for half the day

Wow, If only I was in the area towing a giant freezer around I would have all my pork needs covered for the next 20 years.

Kirkland Fire Department

The driver of the semi-truck left the area with non life threatening injuries. The spilled pork products were cleaned up and disposed of. Such a waste!

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