The images on television and social media depicting the devastation of Hurricane Harvey is indescribable. Those of us that are thousands of miles away from the event (as one Houston radio personality described) can only count our blessings, say a prayer for, and make a donation for those affected by this catastrophic act of nature.

Being the fourth biggest city in the United States it's very likely we all have some connection to Houston as far as someone we know living there, albeit immediate or by six degrees of separation. For me, it's many of my peers... or "radio family" as we say in the business. They're all accounted for and most are even on the air doing what radio people do best, keeping listeners informed and updated with necessary information. But, remember, they have families and some of them are stranded in their homes.

One of them, Atom Smasher, considers himself and his family lucky to be in the situation they're in. Yes, they're stranded 'at home' but it's due flooded streets. He made great points on how he remains calm for his family. describes what he is seeing in Houston, and more.

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