It never fails, when people's lives are in the balance there's always some person who will take advantage of a desperate situation to scam someone else.

During this time of need, people want to help those in need, but unfortunately there are those who want to separate you from your money. The Rockford Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued an urgent alert to anyone interested in helping with relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey victims.

Charity scams have been popping up.  According to the Chicago and Northern Illinois President and CEO Steve J. Bernas of the BBB

As people try to assist storm victims and their families, there will be dishonest people creating fake donation campaigns to exploit the situation and try to scam those wanting to help. While there may be a sense of urgency, we encourage people to carefully consider who exactly they are giving to, making sure they are actually providing relief to those in need

Avoid crowd Funding sources like Gofundme for large scale relief efforts. Use legitimate donation sites like:

You can also text "Harvey" to 90999 and a ten dollar donation will go to the Red Cross

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