Prom is a high point in every teens life, especially girls.

When you can't go, it's a really big deal.

For one Omaha teen in the hospital, her friends made sure she got to go to prom.

Doesn't that give you the warm fuzzies all over?

That is what I call really good friends.

Going to that extreme to decorate a room, set up video chat to speak with her friends at the prom, right down to her date showing up in a tux with a corsage. Yeah I'd say these teens deserve to be rewarded for their good, no make that, great deed.

They thought outside of themselves and made sure their friend got to experience prom.

If you know of someone who has gone to great extremes to help others, doing good deeds, tell the Wake Up Crew about them. They are on the hunt for good deed doers here in the stateline area to award them for their kindness with a plate of goodies from Mary's Market. Yum!

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