You go to Hooters and expect to be served by lovely lady wearing orange shorts and tight white tank tops, right? Guess, what, Hooters will be trying something new in Illinois.

Guys, don't freak out! You will still be able to drop into the Rockford Hooters "Breastaurant" and see and enjoy the familiar sights and chicken delights you are accustomed to. Nothing will change.

Hooters plans to open a a new restaurant in Cicero, IL called Hoots. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the new restaurant will employ BOTH male and female servers.

What else will be different? Among the changes:

  • A shorter menu (one page long) that will have a number of the most popular Hooters food items
  • Faster Service
  • Counter service that will allow for both dine-in and take out. Servers will not come to your table.
  • You will not be seeing the classic Hooters orange shorts and tight white tank tops

Hmmmm, does that mean you don't have to tip? Obviously, Hooters is aiming for a more family friendly chicken joint, so you don't have to come up with an answer when little Johnny asks, "Does our waitress ever get cold?"

The new Hoots in Cicero is expected to open in the middle of February. No word on if the chain will expand the Hoots concept to Rockford. We'll keep you posted.



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