Has a breakup now destroyed your Valentine's Day plans? Stop sulking, grab a photo of that piece of s*** and head to Hooters.

Sometimes, a little physical destruction can help you process bad things. Taking out your frustration on a photo of that person who just broke your heart can be healing. Free food can do the exact same thing.

ON VALENTINE'S DAY ONLY, Hooters restaurants are giving away 10 boneless wings, when you buy 10, if you bring in a photo of your ex and rip it up in front of the waitstaff.

While you're waiting for your delicious wings to arrive, hit up their website, to see what you should do with that torn up photo of your ex.

You need your ex’s photo like you need a kidney stone. Get rid of it now by answering a few quick questions. We’ll help you choose the most satisfying method of disposal, so the healing can begin. - hooters.com

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