For two years, Illinois has been the laughing stock of the nation as the only state without a budget. Well the good news is that we finally have one, albeit a temporary one.This afternoon both houses of the Illinois legislature in Springfield approved a stopgap budget, just ahead of tonight's midnight deadline.The budget is a six month stop-gap budget that will keep the State of Illinois functioning until January.

The budget will:

  • Avoid a shutdown of schools that could have occurred. Illinois schools will be funded fora  year.
  • Government operations will continue
  • Social service providers will receive badly needed funding
  • Not Raise taxes (...yet)
ILGA.Gov Photo

State Sen Dave Syverson (R) issued the following statement  :

ILLINOIS Budget passed Without a Chicago bailout or new taxes. To those who have emailed the last few weeks urging we just give in and just agree to the Chicago budget plan I hope you are now glad I joined with the Governor and held out.  I was not elected just to roll over and do what Chicago leaders or even one party demands. When I think a party or certain leaders are taking advantage of the taxpayers I represent you can be assured I will point fingers.  More work to do in turning Illinois around, but a nice start.


State Senator Steve Stadelman (D) issued this statement:


This is only a temporary budget and not a permanent solution, but it gets more funding to schools throughout my district and ensures they will open on time.


This proposal should help alleviate some of the funding issues Rock Valley Community College has faced during the budget impasse. Funding higher education should not be a partisan issue, and today is an example of the positive things the legislature and governor can do when they work together.


The bad news is that this budget is only a temporary and the fighting among legislators and much higher taxes are likely as lawmakers will take up the budget again AFTER the November elections.