We're all sheltering in place right now, and everyone and every business is hurting, but one thing I think most people don't realize is the effect COVID-19 is having on places like Hoo Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center in Durand. 

Hoo Haven is not eligible for state or federal funding. The are applying for grants, but it's not enough. The care of the animals there relies heavily on money received from public tours which aren't happening right now. The animals need our help, and they need it now.

Hoo Haven cares for up to 120 critters a day, and they desperately need monetary and food donations now to keep the center running. If you have meat or fish in the fridge that you can spare, please donate it to Hoo Haven today. If you have old bath towels taking up room in your linen closet, Hoo Haven would gladly take them off your hands today. If you're able to make a monetary donation online, please click the link below right now.

Thank you, and stay safe!

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