One of the most watched movies in my home is Home Alone. It's almost always my youngest's first choice when it comes to Christmas movies. It's incredible considering the film it's been over 30 years since hitting the theaters. Without a doubt, it remains one of the most beloved films of all time.

Although it's centered around Christmas, it's a move to be enjoyed any time of the year.


One of the most recognizable homes in the United States has to be the Home Alone home in Illinois. Each year fans from around the globe visit the home for a quick photo op. However, first-time visitors should know the house looks a little different.

Vanity Fair:

Almost immediately, tourists began flocking to 671 Lincoln Avenue, hoping to capture a little movie magic of their own—and giving little thought to the Abendshien family, who actually lived there.

Despite the updates in the video, there are some features that look as if the last 32 years have been put on pause.

Here's a video from 2012 when realtor Marissa Hopkins was selling the home.


As soon as Marissa takes viewers through the main door, which doesn't scald her palm (because, as she notes, the owners are expecting her), you can see the staircase Kevin sledded down before shooting out of the main door and into the front yard. The foyer and stairs look almost identical to how they appeared in the movie over 20 years earlier.

If you've visited this home recently (or ever) share a pic in a comment, ya filthy animal.

[h/t Insider]

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