If you missed the ESPY's, then you didn't see this funny video of Roscoe's Danica Patrick and Green Bay Packer, Aaron Rodgers, recreating their own version of the movie "I, Tonya."

I'm not a fan of award shows. They are usually so long and boring.

When I heard Danica Patrick was going to host the ESPY Awards for ESPN, I really wasn't sure what to think. She's an athlete, not an entertainer.

Sounds like she did well and had some funny moments.

Danica and her boyfriend, Aaron Rodgers, filmed a parody video of the movie "I, Tonya."

If you're not familiar with that movie, it's the story of Olympic Skater, Tonya Harding, who was pretty much a trainwreck. It's a funny movie if you followed her career.

Luckily for us, who missed the ESPY's, ESPN posted the video on their Twitter page.

Even if you're not a fan of Patrick, you have to admit that's hilarious.


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