I really drink a lot of bottled water and this made national news today, but it hits us on a local level. According to MYSTATELINE.com, after testing, high levels of Arsenic have been found in bottled water. The bottled water in question was from the company PenaFiel, who is owned by Keurig Dr. Pepper company. What makes matters worse is that this water is sold at Target, Walmart and Whole Foods. Starkey Water which is owned and sold by whole foods also failed the Arsenic test.

Consumer Reports found that Penafiel and Starkey bottled water has almost double the federal limit of Arsenic in it. Arsenic is very dangerous and it can cause cancer, reproductive harm, It can damage your liver and cause hormone disruption. What scares me the most is that these brands are still on the store shelves and the FDA has not recalled them yet. I mean come on, how much more evidence do you need?

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