Surely, this has to happen at your work. Someone inadvertently hits "reply all" and it snowballs it a mess of emails mixed with jokes, confusion, and frustration. This is exactly what happened within the digital walls here at Townsquare Media. The names have been dropped to protect the innocent, or because I won't want to get into trouble for sharing names and/or email addresses.

It all started with an email stating that an email about a local fair (nowhere close to Rockford) canceling. Nothing in the body of the email, just a subject.

BF Fair Cancelled...I'm writing about it now.

This caused much confusion for me because I'm easily confused sometimes. The moment I noticed the person sent this email to all contributors my boss (who was I was in a zoom meeting with) exclaimed, "I just got an email from someone and she is going to be mortified when she realizes she sent it to pretty much the entire company." He didn't think it was a good idea when I chimed in with "I'm going to reply all." As you can guess he advised that I don't. Thankfully, others within the company have the same mindset as myself. Get ready for a rollercoaster of replies... to practically everyone in the company... nationwide.

That is very unfortunate. Thanks for sharing. I'll share some good news, Idaho will be completely open this weekend. 😉

Not too bad for a starter, but it gets better.

Not the boyfriend fair! Noooooooo!


No no you, you’re confusing the Boyfriend Fair with the fair that NO boyfriend likes, the Sandra Bullock and Freddie Prinze Jr. Fair

... many of us have no clue what "BF Fair" actually is.

You mean it's not a Butterfinger Fair? 🙁 😂

And here comes the first "please stop" reply...
Can we please stop replying all on these. Thanks.
And, I'm not the only person appreciating this email entertainment.
This email chain is amazing. Hope ya'll are well. 
Not everyone is, though.


Enough. Please.

Another person politely explained how to avoid this from happening in the future.

If this string happens again, put all contributors (and everyone else) in the BCC section. Now they can't reply all and have everyone see it :)

Finally, someone from Rockford realizes that I've not jumped into this email turned thread. (You should know I'm the person replying all with GIFs and emojis.) Here's a reply sent specifically to another person and me.
You two?? Nothing??? Not a single sarcastic remark??? 
In the end, after a few more jokes and a reply reading, "I'm not sure how I got on this email and I've not said anything, but can you please stop hitting "reply all" on this feed? My phone is blowing up non stop." The fun ended with the original sender acknowledging the oops.
Whoops... at least you all have a wonderful sense of humor...BTW it's the Benton Franklin Fair...but Boyfriend or Best Friend sounds so much better..
Admittedly, I accomplished nothing during this hour-and-a-half reply fest. I hope you enjoyed it's much as I did.

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