The good news is that Rockford gas prices have been trending downward for the last four weeks.

Not all gas stations are priced the same. If you shop around you will save money, sometimes as much as 40 cents a gallon. The lowest price spotted in the stateline was $2.31/gallon in Dixon. The Highest Price was $2.79 at the BP gas station on Lincoln Highway in DeKalb at $2.79/gallon. The average price per gallon in Rockford is $2.56 per gallon

Here are the lowest gas prices for regular unleaded gas in Rockford and in the Stateline Area as of 8/3/15 (*Prices subject to change)

LOWEST PRICE PER GALLON (Regular Grade Fuel 87 Octane)


  • $2.34 Sam's Club 7241 Walton St near Buckley Dr (NOTE: 5 cents more per gallon without Sam's Membership )
  • $2.39 Woodman's 3155 McFarland & Springbrook (NOTE: Cash /Debit card price)
  • $2.39 Meijer 2011 N Perryville Rd
  • $2.39 Mobil 1021 Meridian Rd & US 20 (NOTE: Cash Price)
  • $2.40 Shell 6874 Weaver Rd N Perryville Rd (NOTE: Cash Price


  • $2.31 Dixon: Citgo 1225 Galena Ave near Lowell
  • $2.34 Freeport: Road Ranger 865 Galena Ave
  • $2.34 Freeport: Circle K 838 W Galena Ave
  • $2.41 Rochelle: Clark N 7th Ave 
  • $2.43 Beloit: Marathon 2760 Prairie Ave
  • $2.47 Loves Park: BP East Riverside & McFarland

Some cars require premium fuel as do most motorcycles, and gas station owners know that and that is where they will stick it to you. There used to be a time that the difference in price between regular grade fuel and premium fuel was 20 cents. It seems the trend over the past couple years is that stations are now charging a "premium" on premium! Prices between regular grade vary by as much as 80 cents a gallon. I discovered this at a Shell station in Dixon on Sunday. It's up to the individual gas station how much they charge for Premium.


LOWEST PREMIUM (High Octane) Gas prices

  • $2.71 DIXON: Citgo 1225 N Galena Ave
  • $2.79 ROCKFORD: Woodman's 3155 McFarland Rd & Spring Brook Rd (NOTE: Cash /Debit card Price, NO CREDIT CARDS accepted)
  • $2.84 ROCKFORD: Sam's Club 7241 Walton St
  • $2.84 LOVES PARK: BP Alpine & Harlem Rd
  • $2.87 CHERRY VALLEY: Schnuck's (by Cherryvale Mall)
  • $3.00 MACHESNEY PARK: Road Ranger N 2nd and Ralston Rd


Happy travels!