It's always hard to say goodbye to family pet. Most owners keep something special to them to keep their pet's visible forever. You won't believe what was stolen from a Janesville family.

Imagine the devastation of discovering some has stolen your pet's ashes. That happened in Janesville, causing even more pain for a family.

"It's the nastiest thing that anyone could do to a family ever," Khali Flewelling said about the surprise break-in to her family's vehicles.

WREX shared the story in hopes of the ashes being returned to Khali's family.

Their pet Frankie's ashes were inside a car parked on the street. Unfortunately the car was left unlocked and someone got into the car and took the remains.

It was a purple gift bag containing all that was left her best friend. "They could be thinking it's something totally different in the box, something fun for them, not a dog's ashes." Khali said.

If the story isn't sad enough already...

"We wanted to take her ashes and get them put into a nice necklace or bracelet," Khali said.  "All we have is pictures." she added.

They did file a report with Janesville Police and are hopeful Frankie will be returned to them, according to WREX.

Anyone with information on that purple gift bag containing Frankie's remains is urged to contact police.

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