Illinois is full of strange and it isn't just some of its residents.

First of all, the most obvious strange thing about Illinois is how the "s" in the state's name is in the spelling but the sound of the "s" has been completely dropped off.

Another strange thing about Illinois is the rule of never putting ketchup on a hotdog (ever!) or the fact we never refer to buildings by new names and decide to pronounce things on our own terms, like Aldi's (plural) instead of the correct pronunciation, "All-dee."


One more bizarre note about the Land of Lincoln is our driving skills. It seems as though most drivers repeatedly forget how to drive in the rain and snow and, without question, can not handle traveling through a roundabout.

Something that really blew my mind about Illinois is some of the state's stop signs.

We all know the basic stop sign, it's red white trim, and white letters.

Grace Rowan/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Grace Rowan/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

But, then, from time to time you might encounter a stop sign that looks a little different...

Someone went to Reddit hoping for an explanation about a STOP sign that had red paneling around some of the letters. I've seen these too on Rockford's southside numerous times and never knew the point.... until now.

One super smart Reddit0r explained the reason.

Some assumed these signs are solely an Illinois this but, alas, it's not.

Want to share more "only in Illinois" things? Drop a comment and we'll try to figure it out.

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