Most Illinois drivers know that expired tags on license plates will almost always get you pulled over by police, but there are a few other driving laws you may be breaking without even knowing it.

Get Your Car Ready For Summer Road Trips

Most Illinoisans take some kind of road trip each year, and it's always important to make sure your car is ready to roll.

Oil changes, tire checks, and making sure your license plate stickers aren't expired are three of the biggest things that need to be done, but there are a few other things you'll want to check your license plates for before hitting the road.

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3 Ways License Plates Can Get You Busted by Illinois Police

I don't know about you, but sometimes it feels like my Illinois license plates are a pull-me-over beacon for police while driving in other states. (I'm looking at YOU, Wisconsin!)

If you don't want to risk getting a ticket while driving in Illinois, (and beyond), here are 3 important things you better not be doing with your license plates according to

1. Having Only One License Plate


Some people think that having a front license plate is not required in Illinois, but at this time, that is 100 percent NOT true. If you received two license plates when you bought your car, then you are required to have them both displayed, one on the front of your vehicle and one on the rear.

2. License Plate Frames

While having a cute license plate frame on your vehicle is NOT illegal in Illinois, having one that covers up important information, like your registration sticker, will definitely get you ticketed.

3. License Plate Cover

If you think buying a cover for your license plate is a good way to protect your plate and sticker from damage or make it look cool, think again...license plate covers are NOT allowed in Illinois.

FYI, Illinois has restrictions on what you can put on vanity plates too. Here's a list of ones that will NEVER be approved...

An A-Z List Of Reject Illinois License Plates

Thousands of vanity plate applications in Illinois are rejected every year. Here are 26 requests from 2022 that the state of Illinois deemed in appropriate to put on your car.

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