Craving pizza? Papa Vito's Pizza in Belleville, Illinois serves delicious Italian food, but its paranormal experiences are what brings everyone back for seconds.

Papa Vito's Pizza via Facebook, Canva
Papa Vito's Pizza via Facebook, Canva

Halloween and Pizza Go Hand-In-Hand

I don't know about you, but eating pizza on Halloween night is a long-standing tradition in our home, and now that I discovered there is a haunted pizza place in Belleville, Illinois, I kinda want to go on a road trip tonight.

The History of Papa Vito's Pizza in Belleville, Illinois

Papa Vito's Pizza is located inside a building that was built in 1852 at 318 East Washington Street in Belleville, Illinois...

Google Street View
Google Street View

Sure that might look like a charming, old building, but it has some SPOOKY experiences to share.

The Ghosts of Papa Vito's Pizza

When this building was first constructed, it served as a stagecoach shop, and that is the era the first ghost, named Charlie, came from. Papa Vito’s owner Gerry Geoppo recently told the Belleville News-Democrat;

a stagecoach driver known as Charlie, allegedly made his final stop at 318 East Washington. He was never heard from or seen again after visiting the building.

Several past employees and guests of Papa Vito's have reported "feeling" Charlie's presence in the basement and in the dining area.

Papa Vito's second resident ghost is named Effie.

During the 1920s this building was home to Zion Lutheran School and legends say one of the teachers, named Effie, "reportedly died of suicide in the stairwell after some children were injured in a fall from the staircase" according to Belleville News-Democrat's article.

Several sightings of Effie and other small children have been reported since that time, and the most disturbing one involves a 3-year-old girl who was "brushing Effie's hair" while dining at Papa Vito's with her parents.

Papa Vito's Pizza is Certifiably Haunted

The history of this building is so filled with mysterious sightings, sounds, experiences, and so on, that the paranormal investigator Ghost Find issued the building a certificate of haunted authenticity. Here's a look at some of the spooky Ghost Find discovered while using audio equipment and infrared lighting.

Craving more scary stuff? We are happy to deliver...

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