If you're a fan of live Texas Hold ’em, Seven-card stud, and Omaha Hi-Lo you won't be playing it in Rockford at Hard Rock Casino. It all comes down to the lack of profit live poker brings in. Sure, live poker can bring in money but not as much as other table games and not even close to the amount that slots bring in. This is the likely reason you won't find Texas Hold 'em, Seven-card stud, or Omaha Hi-Lo.

In an interview with RRStar.com Jim Kasputis (President of Rockford Charitable Games Association) explained the financials in laymen terms.

“Right now, a casino in Illinois can only have 2,000 gaming positions, and a poker table is 10 positions... You need to give up 10 slot machines to have one poker table. The math is not good. A casino is going to make more money with 10 slot machines.”

It makes sense if you've ever been to a casino with live poker. Slot machines are always booming with business, but live poker tables can sit empty for hours on end if there isn't an active tournament happening. And don't misread this, there will be other table games like blackjack, roulette, and craps.

Don't think that Rockford would be a standalone casino with no live poker, RRStar says it's common even in Las Vegas.

...casinos in Las Vegas have downsized and even eliminated poker rooms that managers increasingly view as a gaming amenity — a casino game that produces marginal operating profits compared with other games that form the critical profit centers on a gaming floor.

Hard Rock International is currently waiting for the Illinois Gaming Board to approve Rockford's only casino license.

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