Well I may have tarnished my "Cool Aunt" image a bit this weekend.

I swore in front of 2 of my nephews.

In all honestly the colorful four letter word slipped out when narrowly missing getting into a car accident.

As soon as my car skidded to a stop I blurted out D#$%. Then I remembered I have 2 sets of little ears in my car. I quickly covered my mouth then apologized to my nephews.

I said "Aunt Susan was really scared and it slipped out." My nephew Brian piped up and said "That's ok, I sometimes think that but I just don't say it."

Leave it to a kid to make me laugh.

I hope I handled that right.

I found an article of how to deal with kids and swearing from the Child Development Institute. I think some of the tips could apply to adults as well.

What do you do? How do you handle swearing?