I love Halloween and when trick-or-treaters come to our door, but I DO NOT like the two hours of dog barking that come along with it. My dogs get far too excited about the massive amount of visitors that come to our door, but I always feel bad locking them up during it. So instead, I play the dual role of canine wrestler and candy giver.

When it comes to Halloween fun, Perryville Pet Hospital is reminding us that it might just be better to leave your pets out of it.

Here are 6 important pet safety tips to keep in mind this Halloween:

  1. No Sweets for Your Sweetie: Keep candy bowls off the ground and keep all candy, especially chocolate, away from your fur babies.
  2. Keep the Pumpkins Away from Fido:  Eating one could be toxic for your pet, and your candle-lit jack-o-lantern is an extreme fire hazard if it comes in contact with an excited tail.
  3. Costumes Are Optional: If your pet doesn't want to wear the super cute costume you picked out, don't force it...or you may be getting bit by something other than a vampire.
  4. No Greeters for the Trick-Or-Treaters: Even the friendliest of pets can get out-of-sorts by all the door knocks and the bell rings. Locking them up somewhere they can't hear the commotion truly is best.
  5. Must Show I.D.: A collar, identification tag, and updated microchip should be the most important part of your pet's costume, just in case they sneak out the door for some Halloween fun.
  6. Party Poopers Are O.K.: If your pet doesn't want to be a part of your Halloween party, leave them be.

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