Halloween is coming, Here are 10 Halloween facts you might not know about according to Fact Retriever.  10.The worlds fastest Pumpkin carver is Stephen Clark. From start to finish He carved a pumpkin in 24 seconds, might want to stay away from him in a knife fight. 9. The first mention of Trick or Treating in a newspaper was in 1927 in Alberta Canada, I wonder if candy companies had anything to do with it. 8. Jack-O-Lanterns were named after a man named Jack Who, He supposedly tricked the devil and was unable to go to heaven or hell. He just wandered the earth waving a lantern to lead people off the beaten path. Now that's creepy. 7.Owls were thought to be witches in Medieval Europe. 6. Fifty percent of kids prefer Chocolate when it comes to Halloween. 5.The fear of Halloween is called Samhainophobia. 4. When it comes to Witches, the word actually came from the Old English word Wicce, which meant wise woman. 3.The first jack-O-Lanterns were made from Turnips. 2. When it comes to spending Halloween is the second biggest holiday next to Christmas. 1.Here's a film fact you would never expect, the Movie Halloween filmed in 1978 had such a low budget, they used the cheapest mask they could find which was a Captain Kirk Death Mask from Star Trek. Love it or hate it Halloween is around the corner and we have lots more creepy facts to share with you.

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