I mean really, how many more snack size wrappers can you keep opening before you get bored. Let's try something different with that Halloween candy haul.

Let's start our Halloween candy hacks with the candy we love to hate, but secretly shove it into our pie holes like crazy. But I bet you've never had candy corn like this... FRIED!

Deep-fried candy corn (made in an air fryer)

Homemade flavored vodka

Just drop it in a bottle and let it soak for a while, to make your own homemade, creatively flavored vodka drinks. (*tip-skittles & starburst worked best)

Freeze it

Throughout the year, add it to milkshakes, sundaes, ice cream, and plain cookie dough. (For a quick milkshake, add mini Butterfinger or Snickers bars to ice cream or frozen yogurt and milk—maybe even throw a banana in there, too

Put chocolates into your coffee

BOOM! Easy mocha.

Make an advent calendar for November (and December if your candy haul was huge)

Put candy in Dixie cups and cover with tissue. On the tissue, write numbers 1-30, and place the cups sideways on a large poster board to form a calendar. Let kids punch through the tissue to get their treat each day.

And one more thing if you are a wine drinker, The Ultimate Guide To Pairing Wine with Halloween Candy.