Did you notice anything unusual about Gwen Stefani's hands during her performance with Blake Shelton at the 2020 Grammy Awards?

Grammy viewers looking for an engagement ring to signify that the couple of four-plus years will be getting married didn't find one, but they did find something remarkable. We took a close up of Stefani during her performance of "Nobody But You" with Shelton.

See if you can spot it:

Gwen Stefani's Hands Blake Shelton
Emma McIntyre, Getty Images

There is literally a ring on every one of Stefani's nine other fingers, except for the one that signifies marriage is in the future. She's even wearing six rings on her wrists to further offset the missing bobble on her left ring finger.

Perhaps the absence of a ring among nine other ringed fingers is a ring in and of itself. Also possible: We've had too much time to think about this. Credit to our friends at PopCrush for first noticing Stefani and Shelton's sneaky missing ring.

The couple has been playfully talking about marriage for most of the past year, saying they both want it as rumors swirl that an annulment of her union to ex-husband Gavin Rossdale needs to take place to allow it to happen.

The couple became romantic after their respective divorces (her from Rossdale, him from Miranda Lambert) in 2015. They fell in love on the set of The Voice on NBC and have been more or less inseparable since. They share homes in Los Angeles and Oklahoma, with Stefani's kids frequently making a trip east to stay on the Shelton ranch.

"Nobody But You" was the second performance of the 2020 Grammy Awards. The song is a duet on Shelton's new God's Country: Fully Loaded album.

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