I don't know where to begin other than to say Illinois doesn't seem to grasp the concept of lines in a parking lot.

Here are two prime examples of "what the heck were you trying to achieve" parking scenarios that solidify Illinois' inability to park.

Example A.

Location: County Market, Byron, Illinois

Further Proof Illinois Doesn't Know How To Park
Used with Permission

Sometimes (most of the time) we're all in a hurry, I get it. But, what the heck? Even if there were some dire emergency that involves grabbing something the store, who parks like that? Dare I wonder if they saw the lines and thought, "oh well?" I need to know more about this situation because I'm totally judging and I don't want to be that person.

Let's move on to, perhaps, a bigger parking mishap.

Example B.

Location: Forest City Plaza, Rockford, Illinois

What. The. Hell. Not one bad parking job, but TWO!? How? I mean, even the truck seems to be sticking out a bit far.

Chris's point is completely relevant because whenever the weather changes in northern Illinois a vast amount of drivers seem to forget how to drive. This photo proves people also forget how to park. I would play devil's advocate and defend a portion of the parking problem if there was actually SNOW ON THE GROUND. If the lines are lost in the fluffy white stuff and the first car parks in a weird spot, other drivers will likely follow suit. In this case, they're all unexcused.

Let's improve our parking skills.

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