Guys you no longer have to sacrifice fit for the fashionable slim fit or skinny jeans.

No I'm serious. Your ill fitting jean woes are over with Mugsy Jeans.

Most often the term fashion over the comfort of fit has been used for describing women's clothing, but in this case it goes to describing how many men feel about wearing skinny or slim fit jeans.

Many silently complain there's just not enough room for their junk. So it's either baggy or trying to feel comfortable in jeans that honestly need a skosh more room in the crotch.

Well you can say goodbye to all of that with Mugsy Jeans. Designer Leo Tropeano from Chicago's West Loop came up with the idea for jeans after college when living in New York. He wanted to find the perfect pair of jeans that were in style but comfortable but he found many just weren't especially in the crotch area.

He set out to make the jeans stylish and comfortable, thus he created Mugsy jeans. He told DNA Info that "I want to show men that you don't have to wear baggy jeans to be comfortable — you can look great and feel comfortable."

Tropeano, didn't have a background in fashion design so he asked around from finding fashion design students or anyone in the industry until he found a manufacturer who would help him. After running a kickstarter campaign and raising over $20,000 well the jean line was born.

The jeans sell for "$98 online, are designed with a slim fit and "more room in the crotch." The come in three styles Sacre Blue, the Tommy Lee and then the 606's for jeans that are  limited-release designs.

To see more visit  Leo's website:

Now you can have those tight jeans like Luke Bryan but feel comfortable at the same time.