This may be one of the wildest videos you watch this week.

Rock Island Police Department are looking for a man who was caught on video smashing a local news reporter's camera. The man, who is sporting a Walking Dead t-shirt, noticed a cameraman capturing presumably b-roll footage when it dawned on him that his vehicle was likely part of the footage. This did not make him happy, according to WQAD's report. Instead of continuing on his drive, he decided to take matters into his own hands, literally. There aren't specific details as to whether this angry man stopped his vehicle in the middle of the street or whipped a uie but either way, things were about to get ugly in a hurry.

Apparently the man angrily approached the photog to voice his concern about being part of the footage. At some point, the man took the photog's hat, probably because he was taller than him. As far as the photog's reaction you've got to believe he's thinking, "what the (censored), dude?!" Little did the photog realize the situation was about to escalate in an even wilder way. The man sporting the TWD shirt then grabbed the tv camera and smashed it into pieces like something you'd see on a WWE pay per view. Oh, and it was caught on camera through the photog's phone. Watch.

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In case you're wondering, the news photographer was not injured however there is no report on the condition of his hat. Rock Island Police are still looking for the man.

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