If the Grinch were a Rockford resident, he would probably have this notice posted on his front door. Actually, he would have it posted on trees, on signs in his yard, and anywhere it would stick. Seriously though, this is actually a thing.

When we were kids we knew which houses were handing out candy based on one thing, a porch light. If a house's outside lights were off we skipped it because we knew what it meant. It meant the residents were either trick-or-treating or they hated making random children happy. We also remembered which houses in our neighborhood did not hand out candy and skipped it the following year. Apparently, because it's 2020, physical signs have to be posted if you do not want to hand out candy this year, I guess. This is 100% real, by the way.

Even though trick-or-treating has been given the go-ahead in pretty much all of northern Illinois, the City of Rockford is giving folks the opportunity to politely say, 'move along, we're not handing out happiness this Halloween." The sign, shared on Facebook, is not rude but it should be re-worded to "no fun zone ahead" or something. Right? I mean, just turn your porch light off during trick-or-treating times and you're good. Nope, not this year. Spell it out for the kids, I guess.

City of Rockford Government via Facebook
City of Rockford Government via Facebook

You can print out this sign by clicking HERE.

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