The Chicago Transit Authority, CTA, has great news for anyone who takes the rails to Wrigley Field, or anywhere in Chicago.


The Chicago Transit Authority, CTA, is a staple of the Chicago landscape. It's takes fans to Wrigley Field, around the Loop, and to just about everything you need in Chicago. The CTA announced today that it won't be increasing fares next year.

According to TIMEOUT Chicago, "Riders will still be able to pay $2.25 for a one-way trip (or $3 for a single ride ticket at a Ventra machine), and one-day, three-day, seven-day and 30-day passes will stay put at $10, $20, $28 and $100, respectively".

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Tim Boyle, Getty Images

Hard to believe, but the CTA hasn't increased its single ride fares since 2009, when the cost jumped from $2 to the current rate.

Even thought Chicago is rumored to be raising taxes on all kinds of items in 2016, it's great news when fees will stay the same for those who ride and depend on the CTA for transportation.





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