A report recently came out that named Rockford, Illinois as one of the best places to live primarily due to our proximity to Chicago, our beautiful downtown, and the amount of attractions we have to enjoy. Over the weekend we asked YOU to tell us what you love about Rockford on Facebook, and surprisingly, we got a lot of positive feedback. Here's just a few of my favorites...

Trina said; "The convenience of being a city, the culture downtown with all the local artists, bakeries and the like, but still country roads right nearby to take a drive and clear your head.'

Sarah said; "Beautiful parks with lots of trails to hike'.

Meghan said; 'Convivence of the Airport, Anderson Gardens, & Christmas lights'.

My favorite comment was from TaniaRae who said; 'One? No way! Maybe not counting this year, but Stroll on State, Festival of Frights, Festival of Lights, The Rockford Area Music Industry, the Rockford Police, Winnebago County Sheriffs, our abundance of churches and all the amazing groups and 501's that help our population in need!'

I bring up all those examples as a reminder that as any other city in this nation, Rockford has some troubles, but we have a WHOLE LOT of awesome things to be thankful for in this city.

Remember back when the pandemic began and GoRockford started a Rockford song writing contest? Remember when 'Up, Up, Up' written by Clark R. Kelly was announced as the winner? Well, GoRockford just shared the official video for the song, and it is awesome! I think we all need to watch this when we start feeling a little down on our hometown to spark up that love again.

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