Living in the midwest we aren't always treated to the most picturesque sunrise.

It makes excellent beach vacations well worth the time, money, and effort just to see a great sunrise or sunset.

For instance, trips to California or Florida or somewhere tropical like the Virgin Islands or the Bahamas treat everyone to gorgeous peeks at the early morning sun.

Photo by Harold Pescuela on Unsplash

In Illinois, it depends on where you live. Sometimes big buildings or tree cover can get in the way of a great sunrise.

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

However, there's one spot in Illinois where, if you go, you'll most likely see the best sunrise in the Land of Lincoln.

Love Exploring put together a list of the best sunrise spots in America, and for Illinois, they said Belmont Harbor in Chicago is the best in the state.

One of Chicago’s biggest harbours, Belmont is part of Lincoln Park, with acres of tree-dotted green space around the shores of Lake Michigan, providing a gorgeous forefront to the city’s famous jagged skyline. It all looks even prettier as the sun turns the sky orange, pink and peach, silhouetting the yachts bobbing in the water.

Photo by Brad Knight on Unsplash

Belmont Harbor is so popular it picked up the "Boaters Choice" award from in 2017 and 2019.

The reviews of Belmont Harbor are very positive as well, highlighting yes, the views.

Great Marina - Very well Kept. Great service and great views of downtown and lakeshore dr

Sounds like if you want to see the best sunrise in Illinois you go to Belmont Harbor but wait, there's this:

Belmont Harbor has The dirtiest docks I have ever experienced. Walked on goose poop to tie up my boat. Not enough space between poops for even a step.

Just a word of advice, if you do go to Belmont Harbor to see the sunrise, don't wear nice shoes.

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