Glen Campbell's wife recently made a difficult decision about her husband, opting to put the singer into a long-term facility. As a result, she has received quite a bit of criticism.

The country icon's wife, Kim, describes his Alzheimer's Disease as being so severe that the 78-year-old needs around the clock care, according to the Tennessean. Since the constant care he needs is medically related, his doctors urged her to stop the medical care he was receiving at home and bring him elsewhere. But this isn't sitting well with the whole family -- Campbell's oldest daughter, Debby, hasn't been afraid to be vocal about her disagreement with the decision.

Kim reportedly said that her husband's Alzheimer's has been "crushingly sad," but adds that "indulging those feelings does not help him." Debby, on the other hand, doesn't see things the same way. She now wants to fight to be able to take the singer to her home and have care provided for him there.

“I want to take my dad home and take care of him,” she tells Country Weekly.  “I know that he is getting along great with the people who are at the facility, but that’s not how I feel — as his daughter — he should spend the rest of his life. I feel like he should be surrounded by loved ones at home.”

While Debby feels the place Campbell is in just isn't enough for her father, Kim remains adamant about the fact that he is happy and content in his new home -- with constant medical care.

It's unlikely that the country hitmaker will ever perform again.