Prediction: every little girl who sees this will yell, "I want a pony!"

Yes, little girls love ponies. It's a stereotype, one that is played to perfection in this clip, in which a girl, accompanied by her mother, saunters into a convenience store in New Zealand, atop a horse.

They went into the store to get lollipops and milk, which further proves how great this girl's life is at the moment: she gets to traipse around on a pony, which she uses to obtain candy. We hate to break it to her, but it's all downhill from here. Candy? Ponies? How can life possibly get better for her?

Don't you get any ideas, though, about booking the next flight to Auckland and trying this in some local bodega. The YouTube description is from the store owner, who says the mom and girl are regulars and he wanted to record them utilizing the unusual mode of transportation.

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