Over the last month or so I've turned to Facebook for your recommendation on a slew of things; you've helped me find a dog groomer, a place to get a bike tune up, a make up artist and a photographer. Who knows what I'll need next.

Facebook is a great resource to find just about anything, all you have to do is ask; and that's precisely what USA Today did. They asked Facebook to recommend their favorite restaurant in all 50 states and it shouldn't come as a surprise that a pizza joint was the most suggested in Illinois.

It was Lou Malnati's.

Let me quick tell you about my first experience at Lou Malnati's. It was three years ago, while I was in Chicago for Morning Show Boot Camp, a huge radio conference for radio morning shows. I was invited to an industry party there, never heard of it by the way, and I was excited- it was my very first authentic Chicago deep dish pizza experience.

It was everything I was hoping for and more, but they had something there that was far better than the pizza, it was their deep dish cookie with ice cream.

I had taken a few bites of this delicious goodness, turned for a second to talk to someone and the next thing I knew, it was gone; not because I ate it...because the server took it before I could finish it. I legit felt sad and empty inside. Who does that?

Not to worry though, I made it back a couple of years later and had a cast iron filled cookie all to myself.

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