Research has found that 90 percent of people suffer from "earworms," a.k.a. songs stuck in your head, at least once a week. It doesn't matter if you love the song, or if you hate it, when it gets stuck in your head it's super annoying! 

Researchers and psychologists also say that memory triggers, emotional state, and stress are just a few of the things to blame for earworms. Personally, I blame a certain day and time of the week.

I dread going to bed on Sunday nights, because it usually means suffering through another round of earworms, and the battle usually rages until around Midnight. Last night I tossed and turned to the rhythm of "Raise 'Em Up" by Keith Urban and Eric Church.  Yes, I super love that song, but even I don't wish to hear it on repeat for hours on end in my head.

Next time you are suffering from a catchy earworm, pop in a piece of gum. Seriously. A new study by the University of Reading has found that chewing gum helps to reduce earworms and other unwanted and intrusive thoughts. Seems far fetched, but it's worth a shot!

I'm just not sure chewing gum in bed is wise. Maybe gum chewing will have to be added to my pre-bedtime rituals instead?