With the year wrapping up, we're running out of things to distract us from the fact that 2020 is the weirdest year ever. We've got Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we need more. We've watched all the shows, made all the recipes, done all the at-home workouts. We're bored!

But now we've got some astronomical phenomenons to look forward to this month. The Illinois sky will light up with four meteor showers. According to Onlyinyourstate -

This November the stars will align and bring together four different meteor showers: the Orionids, the Southern Taurids, the Northern Taurids, and the Leonids.

So the Orionids are normally late October but have actually extended into the first week of November. Here's when the other three will be occurring -

Credit Almanac.com
Credit Almanac.com

You could even turn it into an at-home science lesson about meteor showers. Tell the kids they can stay up late/wake up early to see it and you can learn all about them. One of the best parts of star gazing is you never know what you're going to see.

Onlyinyourstate details -

In 2007, for instance, Illinois residents watched this stunning fireball fall over Lake Michigan. That's the kind of sight that's worth losing some sleep over.

So mark your calendars, because we've got a meteor shower packed month Illinois!

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