I don't know what Beef-A-Roo's reasoning was behind this offer, and I don't care.

Sometimes you just need to find a reason to smile on Monday, and this definitely fits the bill. Beef-A-Roo fries are just $1 this week, and we ain't talkin' no small fries here either.

UPDATE: Since writing this and sharing Beef-A-Roo's original post that said "regular fries are $1", confused listeners have been calling and messaging us saying the restaurant's outdoor signs say the deal is for $1 small fries. So what's up? We called Beef-A-Roo and verified the deal is for small fries.

Small fries are a dollar this week at Beef-A-Roo...either way, it's a win-win.

Thank you, Beef-A-Roo. This world is a better place because of you...and your $1 fries.

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