Surveillance footage showing a mother distracting a Furry Babies employee while her daughter stole a Yorkie puppy was all over social media yesterday, and I will admit that when I first saw it I didn't know if had actually happened at the Cherryvale Mall!

All kinds of national sites were posting this surveillance footage yesterday, so I just assumed it was a national video that had everyone in an uproar across the country. I understand the uproar though, because this situation is just disgusting.


The good news is the puppy was later returned by a man claiming to be the kids' father, and that the mother, 28-year-old Robyn Kersh of Machesney Park, has been caught and is facing felony retail theft charges. The father who returned the puppy says he realized the puppy was stolen after seeing the surveillance video on the Furry Babies Facebook page. He apologized for his daughter's behavior, and said he had no idea this was going on.

The mother now faces a fine and jail time, and police are in contact with DCFS over the safety of the children.

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