Here are facts to dazzle your friends with, feed your curiosity, and to help you in the event you ever find yourself in "Double Jeopardy" and in need of trivia. If you ever wondered how the legendary show began, check these out.Producer Merv Griffin's wife Juliann came up with the idea for Jeopardy while on a flight from Michigan to New York in 1963. When pitched to NBC TV, executives bought the show without even looking at a pilot.

Alex Trebek's real name is George, Alexander.

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Trebek claims to have 100 suits.

Unless there is a Lakers Game on television, Trebek watches himself on Jeopardy each night.

Alex speaks 17 languages, but only English and French fluently.

One week's worth of episodes are shot in one day. Trebeck changes his suits between shows.

The show has a team of nine writers, and five researches who create clues for each episode.

People who appear on Wheel of Fortune are ineligible to appear on Jeopardy.

Each year, more than 100,000 people take the online test to qualify for Jeopardy. Out of these, producers select 3,000 people to audition. After one on one interviews, a written test quiz of 50 questions is taken as well as a live round of Jeopardy using actual buzzers. Then it is narrowed down to 400 people who will appear on the show that season.

I wouldn't even stand a chance....I average 2 correct answers an episode.