A Freeport resident named Kevin Kirkpatrick spent $30,000 in materials to create a massive bust of Harry Caray to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Cub icon's death.

Kirkpatrick told Freeport's Journal Standard that it took about six and half months to finish this project, and that it started as just 400 pounds of clay.

The finished project, according to the Journal Standard, got the ultimate stamp of approval from Mrs. Caray herself, and Kirkpatrick said;

“I was really excited and nervous to show her because she’s obviously the biggest critic,” Kirkpatrick said. “When she gave the blessing, it was nothing but excitement. She also mentioned that she’s glad I made it that size because if it were a normal size, it would have looked like I just cut off his head.”

Kirkpatrick is hoping to eventually sell this work of art for $90,000, but for now it will call the Harry Caray Sport's Museum home.

I'm in awe, (and if I'm honest, a little bit creeped out) with how life-like this sculpture really is...

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