A new statue, that will sit atop a soldiers monument at the Stephenson County Courthouse, will arrive on Wednesday. It has been a long time coming. Since 1960 to be exact.


The new 13-foot, bronze statue named 'Victory' was made possible through donations to the Civil War Monument Fund, and will replace the original terracotta statue, which was destroyed by lightning in 1960.

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It all came to a crashing end on a stormy night in October of 1960. “Victory” was struck by lightening and beheaded.  Today a lone lightening rod replaces her. On January 13, 2015, the committee to replace 'Victory' was approved.

According to MonumentFund.Com, "Victory" will "arrive at Court House Square at 12:30 P.M on Wednesday, December 2nd, when it will be transported to the Stephenson Street side of the County Court House, where she will remain until she
is lifted to her pedestal atop the Stephenson County Soldiers monument, some 82 feet above the street".

Then on Thursday, it will be lifted to its pedestal, weather permitting, and this time the installation will include a lightning protection system. Something never thought of prior to 1960.

If you would like to help fund and support the maintenance of the statue, you can make a donation to the Civil War Monument Fund here.

They say good things come to those who wait. Enough waiting. After 56 years, Freeport more than earned the new statue.

Congratulations Freeport and welcome home 'Victory'. Welcome home.