Wine is the best, but wine slushies in the summer is a whole other type of indulgence.

If you've never had a wine slushie before, what are you even doing with your life? But actually, if you're a wine lover, you NEED to try one of these. They are perfect for the summertime when it gets a little too hot and you need something extra chilled.

I mean, just look how delicious they look -

One word - YUM.

So where can you get yourself a wine slushie? Well, from the outside it might not look like a winery, it looks way more like a gas station. That's because it was! Lewis Station Winery & Kitchen is in Lake Mills, WI. is just a little over an hour from Rockford. If you're looking for a fun unique winery experience, this is perfect.

Check out how cool this place looks.

They also have this really cool bagged wine that's perfect for any lake day or cook out.

Slushies, bagged wine, unique exterior? What more could you ask for, I mean, other than great food. Which they have plenty of.

Another cool thing they offer is paint parties. Make a group text with your besties telling them it's time to sip some wine and do some painting.

I think one of the coolest parts is the unique wine you'll be tasting. The winery's website details -

We are a winery exclusive winery meaning you cannot find our wines in super markets.

So that bagged wine you saw a picture of is totally local and the perfect midwest summer sipping.


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