By now we all know the story. Donald Trump ran his mouth and said a lot of unpleasant things about Mexican immigrants which resulted in the loss of several of his business dealings, including pretty much everyone backing out of this year's Miss USA pageant which airs on Sunday. Pageant producers had to scramble to replace everything, including the shows hosts, and one of the names they settled on has ties to the Stateline. 

As I was surfing the web yesterday afternoon I came across this headling on the E! website: "Miss USA Hires Replacement Hosts Todd Newton and Alex Wehrley Amid Backlash Over Donald Trump's Comments."

Alex Wehrley? Say what? I think I know that name! So, of course I had to read the article, and sure enough, I was right. One of the newly hired co-hosts for the Miss USA pageant is none other than former WREX morning news anchor, and former Miss Wisconsin USA, Alex Wehrley.


Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images


I had heard that Alex had been doing a lot of red carpet work for E! News lately, and it looks like it finally paid off!

Good luck Alex! We'll be watching.

The Miss USA pageant airs Sunday, July 12 starting at 7 p.m. on the Reelz Network.