Retired Rockford firefighter Michael B. Riley, Sr. is a man who not only knows his way around the kitchen, he knows how to feed a hungry crew of men while trying to get it done before the bell rings.

And, the best thing about Mike's cooking is that, as he told us, "Although I greatly enjoy cooking, I don't like to do recipes that are too complicated, so my recipes are very simple to make."

Michael B. Riley, Sr.,Facebook
Michael B. Riley, Sr.,Facebook

Mike was kind enough to take time out of his morning to join the WROK Morning Show on Thursday. He filled us in on how he became the firehouse's designated cook, how to tackle meal planning knowing that the bells could ring (signaling the need for the firefighters to go save the day) at any moment, how you meal plan for a sizable group, and he even shared what meal was a gigantic failure (resulting in the firehouse having to order pizza).

If you like good food and firefighters (and who doesn't?) you'll want to grab a copy.

Mike's book, "Cook & Ladder Company No. 1-A Firehouse Cookbook" is currently available at


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