This Victorian home with quite a dark past is for sale. Before the home's construction in 1909, it was the site of a brothel that once concealed a murder.  

Let me share a story about a Frankfurt, Illinois home for sale I believe will have a tough time finding new owners. The home has been completely redesigned from top-to-bottom, as the listing states. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, just under 2000 square feet, and on the market for $449,000, but wait.....

That victorian home above, and the land it sits on, have a dark past. It is believed to be where two young girls died, one of them brutally murdered, and their ghosts still live inside the home.

The ghosts of Sarah and Sadie

Laurena Mikosz/Chase Real Estate LLC
Laurena Mikosz/Chase Real Estate LLC

Before the home in the photos was built in 1909, a brothel stood at 207 Center Road near downtown Frankfurt.

One of the home's previous owners, Kevin Ziegler told stories of unusual occurrences in the historic home. Silverware disappearing, doors opening in the middle of the night, and coffee mugs exploding.

Six years after buying the home, Ziegler told about a rather strange moment with a 93-year-old man who called himself "Sam" standing outside the home in his 3-piece-suit and fedora just staring at the house.

"Sam" said that his wife had grown up in that house and that there are two ghosts that live in it.


An English immigrant that got pretty sick while crossing the Atlantic and died in the house in 1909 at the age of 10.


The story "Sam" shared about Sadie is so tragic. In 1901, Sadie was trying to get away from very abusive parents in Boston and hopped on a train and got off in Illinois.

Sadie found a job working as a maid at Ziegler's house, which, at the time, was a bordello.

One night, a man named Will mistook Sadie for a prostitute, "Sam" told Zeigler. He beat and raped her, before cutting her throat. Sadie was wrapped in a sheet by the workers at the bordello and buried in a shallow grave at the train tracks.

Both Sarah and Sadie died in the same third-floor bedroom, "Sam" said.

Kevin Ziegler's stories of strange things happening around this house are a great read.

See this house on Netflix right now. These stories and the home itself were the inspiration for the 2019 film Girl on the Third Floor.

Now, let's take a look inside this home that would be pretty tough to live in, for me.

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This victorian home with quite a dark past is for sale. Before the home's construction in 1909, it was the site of a brothel that once may concealed a murder. 

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