When you are a professional sports figure, you can influence the public in many ways. A former Chicago Bear player from the Superbowl '85 Championship team wants to be Mayor of Aurora. Details here.


Former NFL offensive lineman with the Chicago Bears 1985 Super Bowl champions, Kurt Becker, now varsity football coach at East Aurora High School, has spent much of the summer recuperating from a bad bicycle accident. During the down time, he has gained an interest in politics.

He was really hit by surprise when approached by a "number of different parties" strongly urging him to run for Aurora mayor in 2017 when Tom Weisner's term is up according to The Chicago Tribune.

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So what does the former NFL player and coach think about entering the game of politics?

"There is interest in me running," said Becker, who also owns the Aurora-based Twin Oaks Music and Vending Company.

While Becker didn't want to publicly say much more about this decision, he certainly seems to be practicing for the role as politician. On Sunday, he attended a political fundraiser for the former state representative and current Kane County chairman that draws hundreds of supporters and GOP loyalists.

Becker, an East Aurora graduate, was an All-American football player at the University of Michigan who played all but one of his nine NFL seasons with the Bears.

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Either way, a player who ran next to Walter Payton in 1984 on a championship team surely knows how to be a winner.