It's been a rollercoaster of temperatures in northern Illinois over the past week as it feels like we've gotten a taste of spring and then right back into winter with temps dropping below freezing.

Spring Less Than a Week Away But More Snow in the Forecast

Spring begins on March 20, and we're all ready to have consistently warmer temperatures in the Rockford region.

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Still, the current extended forecast from the Weather Channel shows high temps only hitting the lower 40s and lows near 20 beginning on St. Patrick's Day (this Sunday 3/17).

Some Weather Models Showing Multiple Snowstorms

While the potential for some snow is still about a week away for northern Illinois, some current forecasts seem to be generating different information.

Direct Weather recently updated its forecast and in a YouTube video posted more details about the weather models showing "multiple upcoming snowstorms."

While this potential snow is still over a week away according to the Direct Weather models, the Weather Channel's extended forecast for the Rockford area is showing a chance of snow 24 hours after Spring officially begins.

The current forecast shows around a 20 percent chance of snow beginning Thursday night, March 21 when the low is expected to drop down to the lower 30s.

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On Friday, March 22 there's a 30 percent chance of morning show showers with the high eventually hitting the upper 40s.

Second Chance of Snow Near the End of March

If the latest Weather Channel forecast holds for northern Illinois, there's a 20 percent chance of snow on Thursday, March 21.

Saturday, March 23 there's a 20 percent chance of snow in the evening and a little better chance of flurries early on Sunday (3/23).

CLICK HERE to get the latest forecast for the Rockford region and Chicagoland from the National Weather Service.

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