One Person 5K Inside Wisconsin Camera Store For First Time Ever.

My Thoughts On Running

I give anyone that enjoys running, especially those really long races, a lot of credit because I simply despise it. I have always felt that way. I remember my high school football coach would give me a hard time during conditioning because of my hatred of running. A friend of mine just picked up jogging and I told him, he was crazy but I also respect it. I am more of a walker.


Wisconsin Photographer And Camera Shop Employee Really Enjoys Running

Troy Freund is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is an employee at Mike Crivello's Camera and Imaging Center. That is the perfect job for him because he is also a photographer. Part of his duties is running the social media for the store. Troy finds fun ways to promote the store. In his spare time, he enjoys running. Well, how about putting all of them together.

Running A 5K Inside The Camera Shop

According to,

"On Wednesday, he will attempt to do what no other Mike Crivello's Camera employee has ever even considered trying before: He'll run a 5K inside the tiny Brookfield camera shop." 


Customers Benefit From The Run

"If he runs the 5K in less than 35 minutes, customers will get a 5% discount on used gear in the shop for a week starting on Black Friday. If he does it in less than 30 minutes, that discount increases to 10%."

To follow along from home, HERE.

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