We all have that one friend who can eat spicy food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Spicy chips have been hitting shelves for a while but there has always seemed to be a favorite. Flaming Hot Cheetos. I know people that would choose them as the one food they could eat for the rest of their life if given the option.

Well, it looks like this year another chip wants to be the favorite. Doritos have a ton of different flavors. From cool ranch to spicy chili, they have plenty of options. However, they've never dared to compete with the king of spicy chips, until now.

Presenting to you .... Flaming Hot Nacho Doritos.

So how do you get your hands on these bad boys? Well if you don't see them during your next grocery run Bustle has a way for you to try them -

If you can't find Flamin' Hot Nacho Doritos in your city or town yet, you can check Instacart instead of driving all over the place. It may be easier to add them to your cart on your phone than to find somewhere that isn't sold out — it'll involve less traveling on your part, anyway. Just enter your zip code to find the closest flamin' hot carrier. Once you locate the holy grail, you can even have them delivered.


We can't wait for our fingers to be stained red and our mouth to be on fire for days. Get yours delivered here.

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